Connected TV

Connected TV – Find new customers with highly-targeted, conversion-optimized Connected TV campaigns.

It’s not surprising that Connected TV is currently one of the fastest growing channels in advertising.  With the ability to reach consumers on platforms such as Hulu, Pluto, Sling, or devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Google Chromecast, Connected TV ads are a very effective way to reach your target audience.  

This ad platform can deliver brand-safe, highly targeted, and trackable ads to your potential customer.  Connected TV provides a much smarter approach to TV advertising vs Traditional TV approach to advertising.

A better experience for consumers and better results for advertisers.

The enhanced targeting capabilities of CTV also means that ads seen are much more likely to be relevant to the individual, again leading to a more engaging viewing experience and a better return on investment for the advertiser.

A distinct advantage for advertisers using Connected TV is its robust targeting capabilities. Unlike traditional television, you can be very intentional with your audience selection and target them regardless of the program that they are watching.

With traditional TV or cable, advertisers define their target audience based on various demographics and then attempt to purchase time on the programming that most closely matches their target audience.

With CTV, advertisers can bid on individual ad impressions in real-time, based on whether that available impression matches up to someone in their target audience.  No more trying to pick and choose station-by-station, program-by-program, or time slot-by-time slot.  CTV allows you to place your message in front of your target audience regardless of what station or program they are watching, no matter the time of day or night.

The Advantages of advertising on Connected TV

Connected TV also allows you to move beyond typical, demographic-level audience definitions.  Very similar to a programmatic display campaign, advertisers can use various data sources to enhance targeting and zero in on the audience most likely to be receptive to your message.  With CTV, there is the ability to target people that look like those that have purchased from you within the last three months.  Gone are the days of blasting a message into the void or based off old data.

Perhaps you want to target those that have looked at specific pages of your website but left without converting – CTV can do it by Retargeting that user.  Utilize the power of retargeting that reach viewers as they stream their favorite shows.

Measuring success with cross-device tracking and view-through attribution

As a society, everyone typically has at least one, or more, devices in front of them at all times.  Imagine if a user watching Connected TV views an ad which lead to that interested viewer picking up their smartphone.  That user conducts a search or goes directly to the advertiser’s site. The ad caused the person to act and deserves credit for generating that activity, but since there was no click on the ad and the action takes place on a separate device, we need to employ more advanced attribution methods.

This is where view-through attribution and cross-device tracking come into play, giving us the ability to attribute credit to an ad even when there is no direct click, and the action occurs on a different device.

Don’t miss out advertising on the largest screen in your customer’s home.  Contact OmniLyft to learn more about the advantages of advertising on Connected TV.