Video Advertising

Video Advertising – Reach your customer with video ads

Video advertising is one of the most popular ways to reach online audiences.  You can run your ads before, during, and after video content playing on premium streaming platforms and websites. With the popularity of digital videos, this has increased the number of content and distribution platforms that will allow you to advertise your video to these users.

Programmatic video pre-roll ads have revolutionized the way brands reach their target audience through online platforms. These ads are short video clips that play before a chosen video content begins, capturing the viewer’s attention and delivering a targeted message. We can also help you come up with storyboard ideas before you have your videos created and produced.

Video Advertising Advantages 


Programmatic video channels allow you to target specific users based on their interests and behaviors.  This platform provides a very effective way to increase your reach and awareness of your company, product or services.  Plus, with programmatic, we are able to implement a cross-channel and retargeting strategy that will provide you with a better and more efficient digital campaign.

Performance Tracking

One of the key advantages of programmatic video pre-roll ads is their ability to use data-driven insights to target specific demographics and interests. By leveraging the vast amount of user data available, brands can deliver highly personalized content that resonates with their intended audience, maximizing the chances of engagement and conversion. This level of precision targeting ensures that brands are reaching the right people at the right time, optimizing their return on investment.

Another significant benefit of programmatic video pre-roll ads is the ability to track and measure performance in real-time. Advertisers can obtain valuable insights into viewability, completion rates, click-through rates, and other crucial metrics, enabling them to optimize their campaigns and achieve better results. This data-driven approach allows for informed decisions, improves targeting strategies, and ultimately maximizes the impact of their advertising efforts.


Furthermore, programmatic technology streamlines the ad buying process, making it more efficient and cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising. With real-time bidding, where  we  can bid on available ad inventory, ensuring that they only pay for impressions that reach a desired audience. It eliminates the need for manual negotiation and significantly reduces administrative costs associated with traditional ad buying.

Facebook/Meta Video Advertising

Facebook video ads have revolutionized the way businesses promote their products and services. Through the platform’s immense user base and extensive targeting options, you can reach desired audiences with engaging video content. These ads seamlessly integrate into users’ news feeds, capturing their attention and encouraging them to click and watch. With the ability to autoplay and display captions, Facebook video ads effectively convey messages even when viewed without sound. Additionally, businesses can track the performance of their video ads through detailed analytics, allowing them to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact. Whether it’s showcasing a new product, telling a story, or delivering a tutorial, Facebook video ads have become an essential tool for businesses looking to drive conversions and build brand awareness and we can help you achieve that through our services of video advertising. 

Getting Started on Your Project 

Overall, programmatic video ads have reshaped the digital advertising landscape, providing brands with a powerful tool to connect with their target audience effectively. With robust targeting capabilities, efficient buying processes, and real-time performance tracking, we can leverage this technology to deliver engaging and targeted messages that drive business growth for our clients. 

Don’t wait to reach your audience by using video advertising.  Contact OmniLyft to get started.